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Inaugural Stratos Outing - Saltford
Inaugural outing for the newly acquired K1s after work on Saltford Shallows @JonnyC: With a little haste we organised ourselves after work (with more effort on Rich's part than mine) to get the paddling gear to Saltford. Fettling was curtailed at first by the gathering of an audience (never pleasant for a launch), so a swift entry followed by a wave to the crowd and a paddle away to safety. Some minor adjustments and we were underway, heading down to Saltford Lock before heading back up stream to the weir. A swift RTB saw us comfortably maxing at abou ...
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Zig-Zagging the Avon and Kennet - Avon and Kennet Canal, Dundas Aquaduct
After a somewhat distracted morning with a roof tent, this was the first proper trip in the K2 for AE. With RM as front man, AE had control of the rudder leading to a much longer trip than necessary. Once the steering was under control, the return trip was a somewhat serene experience despite the physical strain. With no wind and, by some miracle, no rain, the perfect weather for paddling led to a successful afternoon, even returning before dark. Max speed: 9.3km/h Moving av.: 5.9km/h Total: 16.5km Moving time: 2h46m Stop: 33m
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Monmouth & Brecon Paddle - Day Two - Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal
A brighter and drier paddle back to the Van along the Monmouth and Brecon Canal
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Monmouth & Brecon Paddle - Day One - Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal
A mildly damp but relaxing paddle along the Monmouth and Brecon canal
Sunny Paddle - Congresbury Yeo
A pleasant paddle in the K1 on the Yeo
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Inaugural Dancer - Kennet & Avon Canal
First outing in the Perception Dancer K2, pleasant conditions, paddled down into Bath. @JonnyC: For once this log starts before leaving the house, only so that I can extend my thanks to Rich for putting up with my little paddy and snapping me out of my moody moment! We arrived at Batheaston with a slight feeling of trepidation, mindful that this place quite often represents cold, wet, near hypothermic dissapointments from our K2 winter training programme. After retrieving 'the tank' from the roof, and prepping, we head for a dry land paddle on the grass, the space ...
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Too shallow - Congresbury Yeo
A short paddle in the winter sun. Water flowing fairly fast but approximately 30cm lower than normal. Launched from the jetty and paddled upstream to the wier and returned planning to run downstream. Due to the shallow coditions the concrete under the road bridge caused me to ground - couldn't turn or reverse but managed to get free, others didn't follow I then couldn't get back up so had to exit downstream up the steep muddy bank.
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On the route - Kennet & Avon Canal, Devizes
Good conditions meant a very pleasant paddle heading out from Devizes in the K2 @JonnyC: Starting from the race start point we headed out along the K&A, out of practice so little shaky to start not least past the junior paddling club but soon settled into the rhythm. Avoided a couple of swing bridges that risked causing head injury and pulled up dry for the final time at Wooton Rivers lock.
Skating on thin ice - Kennet & Avon Canal
Very short paddle into a frozen portion of the K&A, quick exit turned into a roll
Wet and Dry - Kennet & Avon Canal
A short trip battered by the wind and rain, but nevertheless mostly dry!