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A very dry Swildon trip, dropped down the rift from entrance, Jacobs ladder, short dry way, old grotto, water chamber and return via the wet way @JonnyC: So amazing to see this log, well done (meant so sincerely) to you for achieving this. You rock, and your network of friends will always be on hand to watch you overtake them once again. #undergroundRich, @AdamEvans: That was quite an emotional read, but a massive milestone! Maybe DW isn’t completely off the table just yet ..... Here’ ...
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Crook Peak TB Launch - Crook Peak, Wavering Down, King's Wood
A stroll through from Kings Wood for a picnic on Crook Peak with a TB launch half way through, a super time to be close with my two youngest.
Cotswold Way Caches - Belas Knap (Long Barrow), Toadsmoor Woods, Clifton Downs
A few stops along the Cotswold way and other places on the way back to Bristol to grab a few caches with the boys
Family Camping (-1) - Lepe, Lepe Beach Campsite, Hurst Castle, Southbourne
Our annual family camp, but unfortunately Callum could not make it, despite Kyle managing to find a spot near the sea!
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EUCC Alps 2019 - Soca River, Koritnica River, Kamp Koren campsite, Camping Ecrins, Sorba Slides, Dover
A late log of the Uni canoe club trip to Slovenia (4 days) and France (8 days). Paddling rivers mainly G2/3. A good reintroduction trip back into white water kayaking from injury. @AdamEvans: Turns out being in charge of a trip of ~20 uni students isn’t as easy as I had previously assumed. Kayaking was the easy part with someone else taking responsibility for river choices etc. As club captain, I had the responsibility for overall organisation, transport plan, rest day activiti ...
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Getting up to speed - Westport Canal
A pleasant walk in evening sun at 27 degrees. 8.3 km, average speed 4.2 (back to standard speed) along the Westport canal, and river Isle lots of swans &curious cows.
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Back Under - Swan mine (Kingsdown Quarry)
A well earned return to subterranea with my long time guide to all things underground, in a gentle amble around Swan Mine @JonnyC: A long awaited, and very pleasing opportunity to get beneath with Underground Rich. After an enforced period of abstinence the day finally arrived to push a boundary and visit the alternative gym. After fighting through Bath traffic, Rich and Danka joined me in Kingsdown, suitably attired, and strolling to a familiar spot opposite the local watering ...
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Vanping the Beacons - Llyn-Onn Reservoir Car Park, Cwmgiedd Forestry Commission Car Park
Another Vanping trip in and around the Brecon Beacons @JonnyC: Night one in Cwmgiedd as it was a late arrival, surprised to arrive to find Neighbours with a fire going, that said, all made better by the fact that they (Dave and Ellie) got the guitar and harmonica out and supplied some evening entertainment! Night two we hunted for somewhere more on the Bristol route, and having searched around the Storey Arms, settled for a quiet spot around the back of Llwyn-On reservoir. Cook ...
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Everest Training - Beacon Batch (Tumuli)
Walk from radio masts up over Beacon Batch 5.5 km in brilliant sunshine with stunning views @RichM: First proper walk for Rich since last September after a prolonged period laid up in the care of the NHS. I am so pleased to have achieved this which in itself doesn’t seem much but 5.5km on rough ground from starting the year bed bound after 70 days in ITU, feels so fantastic, hopefully the first of many, thanks Adam for a brilliant walk, now to the Hunters for tea! , @JonnyC: Love the log tit ...
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Vanping Snowdonia - Forestry Commission Car Park, Corris, Machynlleth, Cwmgiedd Forestry Commission Car Park, Glan-y-Mor Campsite, Taihirion Farm Campsite, Mountain Road Viewpoint, Swansea Valley Tyres and Exhaust
Vanping excursion to Snowdonia, and other spots along the way @AdamEvans: Nice new wheels!
Back Under
Beneath Three Lamps
Beneath Three Lamps
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