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Downhill Cycling Challenge - Penwyllt, Pen-y-cae
Smooth downhill section, refreshments and tough uphill ride. @JonnyC: The challenge was in the uphill section!!
14 mile route up the portway and back the pill path
Sports Relief Cycle - Shipham, Beacon Batch, Rowberrow, Charterhouse, East Harptree Woods, Stockhill, Priddy, Cheddar, Axbridge, Winscombe, Star
@JonnyC: A 5 hour cycle around Mendip as a sponsored event for Kyle raising money for Sports Relief, great fun if a little tough, perfect conditions. Thanks to RM for the route planning (marked you as a participant for your route planning efforts).
@RichM: Early start after much preparation [for some] saw the four of us limbering up for cycling out from Portland Square to the start of BBBR planning to do the 38 mile route in pouring rain. Before we started Karl broke his chain which was probably an omen for the day. Unable to repair we set off with 3 bikes and 1 scooter!Going through the bear pit I rounded the corner following everyone forgetting that Karl would be getting off I braked sharply couldn't get my feet out in time and fell off [big bru
Saltford to Victoria Bridge Road - Bristol Bath Cycle Path
@JonnyC: Nice little Sunday afternoon cycle out from Saltford up to Victoria Bridge Road. First outing of the baby seat, the helmet didn't go down well, and whilst Aaron didn't love the seat he got used to it enough to warrant doing it again. Stopped for a pint on the way out in the Dolphin Inn who served a superb pint of Doombar. 8.4mi
@JonnyC: Unfortunately due to injury DG was unable to continue his cycling practice today, so instead Rich and I headed in to the quarry. Rich asked me to cycle down a 45 degree hill, which in hindsight should have been dead easy, but seriously took me forever slowly building up a few metres at a time. I was proud to have achieved it though! Rich had fun on some of the steeper hills in the quarry.
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First Ride - Penwyllt
@JonnyC: After a good days walking we decided to get Darren on to a bike, so we spent an hour in the SWCC taking DG from being a non-cyclist to an almost cyclist. A bit more work needed to get that second pedal stroke in, but a good start.