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Maiden Flight - Black Down
Maiden flight of Maximilian the DJI Mavic Pro drone. Flight Time: 12:18 Flight Distance: 318.8m Max Height: 119m Top Speed: 29.5km/h
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Inaugural Stratos Outing - Saltford
Inaugural outing for the newly acquired K1s after work on Saltford Shallows @JonnyC: With a little haste we organised ourselves after work (with more effort on Rich's part than mine) to get the paddling gear to Saltford. Fettling was curtailed at first by the gathering of an audience (never pleasant for a launch), so a swift entry followed by a wave to the crowd and a paddle away to safety. Some minor adjustments and we were underway, heading down to Saltford Lock before heading back up stream to the weir. A swift RTB saw us comfortably maxing at abou ...
Dusting off the harness - Redpoint Climbing Centre
Indoor climbing session at Redpoint with Kyle
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A new perspective in Burrington - Fester Hole
A first trip into Fester / Twin Tweens
A first trip into Swildon's for George, developing a perspective of marine life millions of years ago. Air quality not fantastic but with suitable pacing we headed in short dry, down the inclined rift and back up through Barnes loop exiting via the wet way.
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Monmouth & Brecon Paddle - Day Two - Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal
A brighter and drier paddle back to the Van along the Monmouth and Brecon Canal
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Monmouth & Brecon Paddle - Day One - Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal
A mildly damp but relaxing paddle along the Monmouth and Brecon canal
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Beneath Three Lamps - Raven's Well
A short UrbEx and cache close to central Bristol @JonnyC: Having been on the to do list for a while, we applied the 'book a date' methodology to make this trip happen, so de-stressing from work over a quick Italian we prepared ourselves for the adventure ahead, and debated the relative comfort of approaching a subterranean trip in the city as opposed to the countryside. Before long we were amongst the hounds and making efforts to change covertly in the back of the van, a quick recce was encouraged by the presence of an onlooker. Once changed, and h
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Mini GeoStint - Lydford-on-Fosse
A mini GeoStint around Lydford-on-Fosse to get some fresh air on my Birthday weekend @JonnyC: We did the Lydford Logbook and Babcary Bounce series with a break in between for dinner. About 8 hours of caching/walking well into the dark. Good series for night caching as not near too many houses.
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Box Through - Box Stone Mines
A straightforward trip leading two through box @JonnyC: Delivering on a previous promise we headed to box, parking in the lay by. After a swift return for the maps we headed over the field to Jack's, found it easily, and discovered a makeshift repair on the broken Gate. We headed in and immediately started picking our way to the north, showing KC and CC the wonders of Box along the way. Navigating by map came quite easily tonight albeit after a brief stop at 4 ways, we headed off to the north, but instead of making a ninety degree turn we