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Dusting off the harness - Redpoint Climbing Centre
Indoor climbing session at Redpoint with Kyle
Basic climbing wall with six top roped climbs with varrying technical difficulty. Followed by crate stacking and zip wire at same site
Stretching the forearms - St. Werburghs Climbing Centre
@JonnyC: Due to the inability of the participants to unobtainable we stayed above ground and headed to the climbing wall. It was abslutely heaving with us struggling to find ropes to use. A fun but mildly frustrating climbing session followed, mostly frustrating due to being so out of shape and suffering with the forearms and finger grip. Couldn't progress beyond A 5B, but just goes to show I need to get some more practice in.
Dusting off the climbing shoes - St. Werburghs Climbing Centre
@JonnyC: Bit of top-roping at St Werburghs to dust off the old climbing skills and to get Rich signed up as a member. 4-5b, and some bouldering. Arms hurt!
Bouldering session - St. Werburghs Climbing Centre
@JonnyC: Nice little bouldering session after belaying Kyle for a few routes, good fun but definately out of practice.