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A new perspective in Burrington - Fester Hole
A first trip into Fester / Twin Tweens
A first trip into Swildon's for George, developing a perspective of marine life millions of years ago. Air quality not fantastic but with suitable pacing we headed in short dry, down the inclined rift and back up through Barnes loop exiting via the wet way.
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Beneath Three Lamps - Raven's Well
A short UrbEx and cache close to central Bristol @JonnyC: Having been on the to do list for a while, we applied the 'book a date' methodology to make this trip happen, so de-stressing from work over a quick Italian we prepared ourselves for the adventure ahead, and debated the relative comfort of approaching a subterranean trip in the city as opposed to the countryside. Before long we were amongst the hounds and making efforts to change covertly in the back of the van, a quick recce was encouraged by the presence of an onlooker. Once changed, and h
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Box Through - Box Stone Mines
A straightforward trip leading two through box @JonnyC: Delivering on a previous promise we headed to box, parking in the lay by. After a swift return for the maps we headed over the field to Jack's, found it easily, and discovered a makeshift repair on the broken Gate. We headed in and immediately started picking our way to the north, showing KC and CC the wonders of Box along the way. Navigating by map came quite easily tonight albeit after a brief stop at 4 ways, we headed off to the north, but instead of making a ninety degree turn we
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Aaron's first caving trip - Goatchurch Cavern, Aveline's Hole
A young novice trip through upper goatchurch @JonnyC: Aaron has been excited about the prospect of trying Caving for some time, and this evening an opportunity presented itself, so with big brother Callum along for the ride we headed for Burrington Combe. A quick look in Aveline's, up the brook and past the Tradesman's we hit the sun bathed main entrance. After gaining our caving legs we had a go on the slide before cautiously descending Giant's steps. Along drunkards and past "blinkin' tight", we stopped for a lights off experience. We spott
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Back to Spider - Spider Hole
A pleasant trip into Spider to fettle some new SRT gear, stretch the legs and experiment with a novel GoPro mount
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AL Christmas Party 2015 - Box Stone Mines
A trip into box in line with AL tradition for a bit of an explore and some festive refreshments @JonnyC: After a not so pleasant change in the rain we made swift work of traipsing through the woods to the Entrance. After crawling in through the backdoor we headed off in a fairly straight line for the cathedral. After admiring its form we took the familiar path off to the right through the gloopy mud. We explored for a while crossing both familiar and new territory and vowed to get ourselves a survey to add some increased method to our exploration and perhaps facilitate a through trip to ...
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Tourist trip into the lava tubes - Centro do Vulcanismo de S. Vicente
Tourist trip through five lava tubes interconnected by dug passageway. @JonnyC: Escaping the poor weather and scratching an itch at the same time by visiting my first lava tubes, guided tour was good and the exhibitions surprisingly engaging.
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It's a fine 'un - Ogof Craig A Ffynnon
An exciting trip to the promised land on a wet Wales afternoon. MLep navigated well @JonnyC: Following a hard to resist invite I met the boys at whitewalls for a welcome breakfast and gear sort before driving up the road to derelict pub. Although the morning had started fresh and crisp, by the time we were walking to the cave entrance the true Wales wind and dampness had kicked in and it was a welcome relief to take shelter in the entrance chamber. After a few expletives and raw knuckles the gate was opened and we headed inside for the first crawl to the log book, Mark took ...
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Exploring Goatchurch - Goatchurch Cavern
A pleasant novice trip to the drainpipe @JonnyC: Determined to deliver on my promise of an underground experience I picked up the boys and headed for the delights of Goatchurch. After a quick exploration of Avelines we strolled up west twin to drop into the main entrance. A little history and geology was shared before trying the slide and dropping down Giants steps. We explored the high level passage and headed down the terrace into the Boulder chamber. Kyle and Dean succeeded at the under over stone before we slipped under the cof