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Old Station - Tintern Parva
Camping for the night at the old station
Mini Survival - Glenny Wood
A weekend camp for SJA Badgers & Cadets
One Huge Adventure - Exmouth
One Huge Adventure, was held at Bristol Schools Camp Exmouth. We had some 70 plus young people who engaged in adventurous activities for the week - total in camp around 100. Jon, Andy, Harri & I delivered the cadet programme.
Overnight hammock at the GunPowder Mills near Princetown as part of a circular exped. @JonnyC: We spent a little time finding a spot where we would not be imposing on any passers by, and where the trees were suitably strong and well spaced, and proceeded to erect the hammocks. No time to hang around though, as we had paperwork to do, so we settled down with our log books and started to go through them. It didn't take long for both of us to get thoroughly fed up with the abundance of midgies, occasionally the wind would blow for a few minutes and give us restbite, but most of ...
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48Hr Getaway: Wild Camp on Holne Moor - Venford Resr, Holne Woods
Wild camp (within 100m of van, so not too wild) as a necessary stopover after completing Pridhamsleigh cave @JonnyC: We didn't arrive until circa 0300hrs after the caving trip, so quick setup of the two man tent down by the quarry and straight to bed. Gorgeous morning the next day spurred us into drying our caving kit on the carpark floor before failing miserably and cooking Tesco Finest porridge.
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Survival Camp 2011 - Mells
@JonnyC: SJA Camp, Survival Skills weekend with one night under man made shelters and the second night under natural shelters (apart from the leaders who roughed both nights under canvas). Great wide games as usual.
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