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Acquisition Ride - Chippenham, Bath, Paulton, Glastonbury Tor, Taunton
A charity cycle ride planned from Chippenham to Exeter. Good weather - abandoned at Taunton due to rescue call out
Downhill Cycling Challenge - Penwyllt, Pen-y-cae
Smooth downhill section, refreshments and tough uphill ride. @JonnyC: The challenge was in the uphill section!!
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SPAM - Salisbury Plain
SPAM winter ride 35km MTB route. Wet ground conditions made progress difficult, clogging gears and wheels with mud and grass. Strong winds and heavy rain storms added to the fun
Albert St Bridgwater, Dunball, Edithmead, Cross, Axbridge - Home
First winter ride - Charterhouse, Beacon Batch
First cold wet ride of this winter, hill wet and muddy but a good ride
MTB Mendip - Beacon Batch
Longbottom, Rowberrow Forest, Beacon Batch, East/ West Twin, Swan - Churchill
Mendip MTB - Black Down, Rowberrow
Longbottom, tracks through wood to derelict house [rv with Paul] track up to Blackdown, trig point, radio masts, Burrington, East / West Twin, Link Lane, Rowberrow Bottom Swan, Longbottom Farm - Home
Sports Relief Cycle - Shipham, Beacon Batch, Rowberrow, Charterhouse, East Harptree Woods, Stockhill, Priddy, Cheddar, Axbridge, Winscombe, Star
@JonnyC: A 5 hour cycle around Mendip as a sponsored event for Kyle raising money for Sports Relief, great fun if a little tough, perfect conditions. Thanks to RM for the route planning (marked you as a participant for your route planning efforts).
@RichM: A social, welcome reflective ride circa 10 miles - slight hills difficult but good to get back on bike
@RichM: A lunch time cycle along Strawberry line from Cheddar to Winscombe Station & return 9 miles. Hills bit demanding