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Box Through - Box Stone Mines
A straightforward trip leading two through box @JonnyC: Delivering on a previous promise we headed to box, parking in the lay by. After a swift return for the maps we headed over the field to Jack's, found it easily, and discovered a makeshift repair on the broken Gate. We headed in and immediately started picking our way to the north, showing KC and CC the wonders of Box along the way. Navigating by map came quite easily tonight albeit after a brief stop at 4 ways, we headed off to the north, but instead of making a ninety degree turn we
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Exploring Goatchurch - Goatchurch Cavern
A pleasant novice trip to the drainpipe @JonnyC: Determined to deliver on my promise of an underground experience I picked up the boys and headed for the delights of Goatchurch. After a quick exploration of Avelines we strolled up west twin to drop into the main entrance. A little history and geology was shared before trying the slide and dropping down Giants steps. We explored the high level passage and headed down the terrace into the Boulder chamber. Kyle and Dean succeeded at the under over stone before we slipped under the cof
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Kyle's first visit to Swildon's - Swildon's Hole
Leading Kyle down into Swildons for his first time, little drier than last week @JonnyC: An opportunity to show Kyle what Swildon's is all about and demonstrate the difference from Goatchurch! Water levels were ok, unfortunately nothing like last week when I omitted to drag the camera along. We headed down over the entrance rift, through the zig zags dropping down jacob's ladder into the short dry way, a lifelined twenty, down through the inclined rift to sump one which was nice and foamy again, Kyle was very keen to give it a go but not for his first visit. We m ...
Taking Kyle down the drainpipe - Goatchurch Cavern
Leading Kyle into Goatchurch through drainpipe and into dexian extension @JonnyC: Good trip, Kyle took the lead a few times. Headed down to the water chamber and out along the drainpipe, finally along the dexian extension.
Leading Kyle into the water chamber with handline on tradesmans @JonnyC: Took Kyle down to the Boulder Chamber where he had got to last time, and then proceeded on under the Coffin Lid and down the slide into the Water Chamber, came back out via Bloody Tight, and a handline up the Tradesman entrance.