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AL Christmas Party 2015 - Box Stone Mines
A trip into box in line with AL tradition for a bit of an explore and some festive refreshments @JonnyC: After a not so pleasant change in the rain we made swift work of traipsing through the woods to the Entrance. After crawling in through the backdoor we headed off in a fairly straight line for the cathedral. After admiring its form we took the familiar path off to the right through the gloopy mud. We explored for a while crossing both familiar and new territory and vowed to get ourselves a survey to add some increased method to our exploration and perhaps facilitate a through trip to ...
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AdventureLog Christmas Party - Brown's Folly Mine
The annual Christmas party with a twist, someone stole the Christmas tree but the festivities went on regardless @MLeP: Why troughs are better than cranes..., @MLeP: Good work Go Pro! :)
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Boxing with the boys - Box Stone Mines
A pleasant stroll around box retracing a previous route. Good fun and a good deed done @JonnyC: A little bit of a last minute plan came together to pay box a re-visit, not least as I needed to return some treasure underground. After digging out some old coordinates and deciphered text passages and a RV with a helpful Inkpen in a car park we headed toward Box. We ended up going in a slightly different entrance, but Rich's recognition soon got us on the straight and narrow. It was pleasantly surprising how some parts of it came flooding back, and indeed some parts were just as ...
Trip to Aillwee Show Cave - Aillwee Cave
On our way to the Cliffs of Moher spotted a sign for Aillwee Caves. A quick visit to the show cave and the beautiful underground water fall, unfortunately the pictures didnt come out to well even with good lighting.
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Novice into Goatchurch - Goatchurch Cavern
Swift trip down chased by a youth group, down into water chamber and drainpipe, played with under over, superman and maze before assisted handline from tradesman.
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Found inside Box - Box Stone Mines
A return trip - retraced last weeks steps and continued to explore new areas, finding a few interesting features including stone staircase, delta, the tank and a cache then navigated out on a different route
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Thinking outside the box - Box Stone Mines
Short tour around central Box Mines @JonnyC: Prior prep and planning had failed, therefore a late arrival in Box. After a little drama locating the back door, we were in. Following our instructions we did a fairly good tour of the mine including some impressive chambers, looking forward to a return visit.
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Cas Care Exercise - Swildon's Hole
Following a theory session in the morning we headed for The Old Grotto and created various incidents both trauma and medical which were abley responded to by 8 enthusiastic MCR cas care qualified wardens. Despite a fractured spine, pelvis, head injury, sucking chest wound not to mention hypothermia and hypoglyceamia all casualties survived to self extricate.
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Andy's Return to Swildon's - Swildon's Hole
Novice trip to Barnes loop via short dry way
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Treasure hunting in Brown's Folly - Brown's Folly Mine
Exploration of Browns Folly near Bath, amazing place @JonnyC: Time for a spot of underground Geocaching which performed the great service of bringing us to Brown's Folly. After parking and kitting up we headed off in a meandering route through the woods, eventually zeroing in on the 'muddy hole' entrance. We diligently followed our instructions and clambered in near the steps and headed quickly to clapham junction. Without too much delay we found our first item. We then went on the longer ramble for the second set with equal success. Wan ...