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Maiden Flight - Black Down
Maiden flight of Maximilian the DJI Mavic Pro drone. Flight Time: 12:18 Flight Distance: 318.8m Max Height: 119m Top Speed: 29.5km/h
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AL Christmas Party 2015 - Box Stone Mines
A trip into box in line with AL tradition for a bit of an explore and some festive refreshments @JonnyC: After a not so pleasant change in the rain we made swift work of traipsing through the woods to the Entrance. After crawling in through the backdoor we headed off in a fairly straight line for the cathedral. After admiring its form we took the familiar path off to the right through the gloopy mud. We explored for a while crossing both familiar and new territory and vowed to get ourselves a survey to add some increased method to our exploration and perhaps facilitate a through trip to ...
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Young men on the old man - The Old Man of Coniston [Coniston Old Man], Low Water
A pleasant autumnal wander up the old man and back @JonnyC: Finding our Sunday slightly more free than originally intended we treated ourselves to a posh breakfast and drove to Coniston, parking in the top car park. The weather was pleasant but not too sunny, which made this classic a rather popular destination. We took our time strolling up, appreciating the old quarry workings and infrastructure before stopping for a snack at low water. Continuing on up hill the views soon opened up (as did the breeze), and before long we had reached the summit
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A Draughty Pilgrimage - Hartsop Above How [Gill Crag - Hartsop Above How], Sykeside Camp Site, Low Wood, Brothers Water, Priest's Hole
Autumnal walk past Brothers Water, over Hartsop above How around to Dove Crag, a nice Dinner in Priest's Hole before dropping out through Dovedale back to Hartsop @JonnyC: Having toyed with many and various configurations for this wander, we ended up heading out of Sykeside past Brothers Water to the lower end of the Hartsop Above How ridge. We started our ascent which we took gently so as not to over exert. We charged AI with the nav at which he did very well, he navigated us along various features and plenty of inclines and got us on top of the ridge. Having found our bear ...
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39th County Top - Dunkery Beacon
Our final hill to complete our week long tour of the 39 historic county tops of England was in our home county of Somerset. A surprise gesture was a very welcome sign on top of the Beacon placed by avid supporters of our challenge - thanks gentlemen and a massive thank you to everyone who supported our challenge, in turn saving lives in the future by supporting the work of SAVES
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Flight Log - Dam Busting - Grwyne Fawr Reservoir
Time: 06:30 Weather: Sunny, clear skies WindSpeed: Notes/Incidents:
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Old Station - Tintern Parva
Camping for the night at the old station
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Worms and Seals - Worm's Head
Nice stroll over worm's head @JonnyC: A last minute plan to get some sea air and break the walking boots in, took the opportunity to head up to Gower and wander the peninsula and to take Andy and Soph on to Worm's Head. The weather turned out to be pretty much perfect although the sun tucked in behind the clouds before Andy got to launch the drone. Good stroll and good to get out, nice to have a little visit from a seal also.
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AdventureLog Christmas Party - Brown's Folly Mine
The annual Christmas party with a twist, someone stole the Christmas tree but the festivities went on regardless @MLeP: Why troughs are better than cranes..., @MLeP: Good work Go Pro! :)
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Boxing with the boys - Box Stone Mines
A pleasant stroll around box retracing a previous route. Good fun and a good deed done @JonnyC: A little bit of a last minute plan came together to pay box a re-visit, not least as I needed to return some treasure underground. After digging out some old coordinates and deciphered text passages and a RV with a helpful Inkpen in a car park we headed toward Box. We ended up going in a slightly different entrance, but Rich's recognition soon got us on the straight and narrow. It was pleasantly surprising how some parts of it came flooding back, and indeed some parts were just as ...