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DofE Nav Practice - Venford Reservoir
@AdamEvans: A day on Dartmoor practicing our feature-finding skills. Included map reading, walking on a baring, pacing, timing, contouring, and justification of position. A few minor hiccups due to some boundaries being marked in blue and some leats in black, or not marked at all, however we muddled through and concluded it's much safer to use contour lines and other non-movable features to prove your location! Perfect weather for a day on the moors.
Mendips - Black Down circuit - Black Down, Beacon Batch, Goatchurch Car Park
A walk planned for a group of young people, with points of interest dotted throughout, starting at Goatchurch car park, up over Black Down to Beacon Batch trig point for a biscuit boost, returning to Goatchurch via Burrington Ham.