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BUCS Slalom 2018 - Tees Barrage International White Water Centre
A very chilly 8 hour journey from Exeter to Teeside on the Friday left the team tired before the weekend even started, but thankful we weren't camping due to being well and truly 'up north'. The Saturday consisted of the Male K1 event (Tom, Sam, Dan, Adam), Sunday consisted of Womens K1 (Phoebe and Natalie), and mixed class session, including C1 and C2 boats, and the team event in the afternoon. AE chuffed with putting up 2 finishing times on the board on the hardest white water to date (overall 101 of 107) - the first of which is sort of shown in the questionable video attached. Tom fin ...
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Zig-Zagging the Avon and Kennet - Avon and Kennet Canal, Dundas Aquaduct
After a somewhat distracted morning with a roof tent, this was the first proper trip in the K2 for AE. With RM as front man, AE had control of the rudder leading to a much longer trip than necessary. Once the steering was under control, the return trip was a somewhat serene experience despite the physical strain. With no wind and, by some miracle, no rain, the perfect weather for paddling led to a successful afternoon, even returning before dark. Max speed: 9.3km/h Moving av.: 5.9km/h Total: 16.5km Moving time: 2h46m Stop: 33m