Box Through


Date: 25 May 2016
Visibility: Everyone
Duration: 2hrs
Participants: @JonnyC, @Kyle, CC
Tags: @JonnyC: Leader


A straightforward trip leading two through box


  • Box Stone Mines (Box, Bath)


  • @JonnyC achieved Take Kyle & Callum down a mine from the challenge Forty by forty
Comment by @JonnyC on Thursday 26 May 2016
Delivering on a previous promise we headed to box, parking in the lay by.

After a swift return for the maps we headed over the field to Jack's, found it easily, and discovered a makeshift repair on the broken Gate.

We headed in and immediately started picking our way to the north, showing KC and CC the wonders of Box along the way.

Navigating by map came quite easily tonight albeit after a brief stop at 4 ways, we headed off to the north, but instead of making a ninety degree turn we did a one eighty and unbeknown to us, started heading south again. Things felt wrong so after hearing the train pass we retraced our steps incorrectly, further compounding the situation.

Once we had consulted map and compass, we finally retreated to four ways and had a little break, sitting next to a patch of mould. We opted to give the north route another bash, passing West Gate and North Gate, we started to make good progress toward the Cathedral.

Entering the Cathedral by the muddy path, a small amount of daylight was visible through the grill, we tried to use this to help the photos to little avail. We explored the Cathedral a while longer before collecting our wares and heading out of the bottom of the Cathedral and following the left hand path round to the Backdoor.

We exited into dark, and navigated new fences and a security camera before returning to the van for the drive back.

A lovely trip with great company, it only scratched the surface meaning the boys have plenty to look forward to, when coming back in the future.