Exploring Goatchurch


Date: 06 Oct 2015
Visibility: Everyone
Duration: 2hr
Participants: @JonnyC, @Kyle, Dean & Simon
Tags: @JonnyC: Leader


A pleasant novice trip to the drainpipe


  • Goatchurch Cavern (Mendip, UK)
Comment by @JonnyC on Wednesday 07 October 2015
Determined to deliver on my promise of an underground experience I picked up the boys and headed for the delights of Goatchurch. After a quick exploration of Avelines we strolled up west twin to drop into the main entrance.

A little history and geology was shared before trying the slide and dropping down Giants steps. We explored the high level passage and headed down the terrace into the Boulder chamber.

Kyle and Dean succeeded at the under over stone before we slipped under the coffin lid and down the rift into the water chamber. The boys successfully found the waterfall and challenged themselves to the drainpipe. I left it to the group to navigate out which saw a couple go over the lid and explore their way out through bloody tight. A quick crawl in the maze and a handline out of the tradesman entrance to the damp air of Mendip.

A very pleasant trip with a group who definitely want to go under again.