Sports Relief Cycle


Date: 25 Mar 2012
Visibility: Everyone
Duration: 5hrs
Participants: @JonnyC, @RichM, @Kyle


  • Shipham (Somerset)
  • Beacon Batch (Somerset, England)
  • Rowberrow (Somerset)
  • Charterhouse (Somerset)
  • East Harptree Woods (Somerset)
  • Stockhill (Somerset)
  • Priddy (Somerset)
  • Cheddar (Somerset)
  • Axbridge (Somerset)
  • Winscombe (North Somerset)
  • Star (Somerset)
Comment by @JonnyC on Monday 26 March 2012
A 5 hour cycle around Mendip as a sponsored event for Kyle raising money for Sports Relief, great fun if a little tough, perfect conditions. Thanks to RM for the route planning (marked you as a participant for your route planning efforts).