Kyle's first visit to Swildon's


Date: 22 Dec 2011
Visibility: Everyone
Duration: 3hrs
Participants: @JonnyC, @RichM, @Kyle
Tags: @JonnyC: Leader


Leading Kyle down into Swildons for his first time, little drier than last week


  • Swildon's Hole (Mendip, UK)
Comment by @JonnyC on Friday 23 December 2011
An opportunity to show Kyle what Swildon's is all about and demonstrate the difference from Goatchurch! Water levels were ok, unfortunately nothing like last week when I omitted to drag the camera along.

We headed down over the entrance rift, through the zig zags dropping down jacob's ladder into the short dry way, a lifelined twenty, down through the inclined rift to sump one which was nice and foamy again, Kyle was very keen to give it a go but not for his first visit.

We met some lads who had just taken a gander at barnes loop and were heading back to play around on the old fourty.

We headed back out via barnes loop, wet way and up through the entrance rift.

A lovely trip, I think Kyle anjoyed himself, he certainly didn't take much rocking in the van on the way home.