Inaugural Stratos Outing


Date: 05 Apr 2017
Visibility: Everyone
Duration: 2hrs
Participants: @JonnyC, @RichM


Inaugural outing for the newly acquired K1s after work on Saltford Shallows


  • Saltford (Bath and North East Somerset)
Comment by @JonnyC on Wednesday 05 April 2017
With a little haste we organised ourselves after work (with more effort on Rich's part than mine) to get the paddling gear to Saltford.

Fettling was curtailed at first by the gathering of an audience (never pleasant for a launch), so a swift entry followed by a wave to the crowd and a paddle away to safety.

Some minor adjustments and we were underway, heading down to Saltford Lock before heading back up stream to the weir.

A swift RTB saw us comfortably maxing at about 8.5kmh

We retreated to the stability of grass to make some further comfort adjustments for next time.

Lovely evening, and a nice bitesize paddle.