my first surfing trip


Date: 20 Sep 2016
Visibility: Everyone
Duration: 6 hours
Participants: @Kyle,


my first attempt at surfing fairly small waves, easy for a beginners like my self. once finished moved on to a small bouldering session on the sea front.


  • Rest bay (Pourthcawl , wales )
Comment by @Kyle on Friday 02 December 2016
Had this trip in mind for a few weeks prior to going, just finding time out of my busy uni schedule was a tad difficult, however managed to squeeze it in on a Sunday after a heavy weekend of drinking. Waking at 7 am to begin our 3 hour journey from campus, we left with pain killers to hand and water to sooth our hangovers. Fortunately for us the weather for the day was clear sky's and highs of 25 degrees centigrade. The first hour into the trip was a gruelling period of time but as time went on our excitement grew and the headaches dissipated. Upon arrival we took a brisk walk to collect our surf gear.
once suite up we took our boards under our arms and made our way to the beach front. Paddling out to a spot we saw fit we body surfed our first few waves to get a feel of the board and the water. Having some top tips from Sam on how to jump to the standing position, i quickly made progress in being able to surf in a stood position. Having mastering the technique i was fully able to enjoy the joys of surfing. The occasional wipe out kept things interesting. After being out on the water for a good 3 hours we decided to return to dry land and adventure round the coast. During out coastal walk we found a series of 5 meter high by 10 mete plus long rock faces. Being of the adventurous type we tried our hands at some bouldering. Climbing a multitude of routes including vertical and horizontal we slowly made our way back towards the bus stop for our return trip. Before we could make join the footpath, we had to tackle a particularly difficult traverse across a 5-10 meter gap with an approximately 20 foot drop beneath us. Coming so far we assessed the route and decided to go for it. The climb was a relatively easy one, once we got over the fear of our lack of safety gear and the drop below. Having both safely making the climb we joined the footpath and began our 3 hour return trip home. Having made it home we were all quickly to jump in the shower and chill out for the remainder of the evening.